All The Best Gift Cards is a ClassBrain, Inc website. For each purchase that you make on this site, ClassBrain receives a small percentage of the sale, which in turn allows us to run and expand the rest of the ClassBrain websites.

ClassBrain was created at the end of 1998, during the dot com craziness. I suppose in some ways I should have joined in the frenzy, but I wanted to create a site that would last for a long time. I’ve built ClassBrain’s site piece by piece. At times I’ve had the help of a small staff, at times I’ve worked alone or with my daughter. We have created amazing resources for students, teachers, and parents, and I love every day that I work on bringing some other part of it into reality.

We’re currently updating and revamping large portions of the site. A couple of wicked injuries over the past two years slowed down my development, but I’ve been working like crazy and think you will love the way ClassBrain’s network of sites is developing.

So, I hope that you find All The Best Gift Cards a helpful website. We’ve tied in a lot of discounted gift cards, which should save you a sizeable amount of money on your purchases and gifts. Tell your friends. Ask them to tell their friends. (I know, I’m shameless about asking.) We think this is a great way to find the gift cards you need for Christmas, Chanukah, birthdays and other special occasions. I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to find great gift cards for all sorts of events (including weddings). There are gift cards for well-known national stores and restaurants, but there are also some lesser-known stores and websites that have unique items I hope you will love.

When you are done shopping, hop over to www.ClassBrain.com to see our latest projects.

Other ClassBrain websites include:

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